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This blog is a detailed look at each chapter, passage and verse of the Koran, illustrating them and comparing them with literal perfection, history, science, law and Humanist and Transhumanist ethics. As the Koran comes from Allah through Jibril to Muhammad, I expect to see perfection in every chapter, passage and verse, no context, no incoherence with reality, perfect morality for every age of humanity and impossible to argue against. I expect Muhammad to be the perfect prophet and perfect reciter, who exactly and perfectly translates the perfect words of the perfect Qur’an from perfect Allah, created before the Islamic Creation. This standard I assume for each and every chapter, passage and verse of the Koran. At the end of each passage or verse, I give my judgement of Muhammad’s efforts.

As a reminder to Muslims, do note that as I am a scribe for people and machines as you can see here, then, according to Islam, I am immune to violence from Islam, Allah, Muhammad and Muslims. In other words, violence directed to me by Muslims shows that Islam is false and worse, that Muslims do not obey false Koran, evil Islam, imaginary Allah or liar Muhammad.

Note that the first imperfection of the Koran is that it’s written by mere humans, printed on machines or by merely human scribes, on paper created by humans, assembled in various orders by machine or human effort, bound by machines or human effort, and as such, obviously mistakes will creep in. As Muhammad was supposedly illiterate, these problems are understandable and will be dismissed.

I’ll incorporate objections and different interpretations which might seem plausible or even implausible as appropriate. If you have an objection, be sure to comment appropriately.

If you think I’ve misrepresented Islam or other religions or reality as we currently generally understand it, please notify me with comments at the appropriate chapter and verse, with details or by email. After all, as a merely human scribe with only limited machine assistance, obviously I’m afflicted with human error.

There’s no hate speech in this blog at all. If you think there’s hate speech, read again, make sure it’s not a quotation of Muhammad from his Koran or from hadith. Note that if you think the quotes from the Koran or hadith are hate speech, please take that up with dead Muhammad and imaginary Allah, not with me.


I may have conflated Medina with Khaybar.

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